The Future of Food

Learn how mega-corporation Monsanto ruins family farms and wants to feed us genetically messed up food from seeds that they ostensibly own and have patents on.


Forks over Knives

Eat more plants and less animals and you’ll feel better and live longer.



There is a cycle where big companies make a lot of money selling us bad food and other big companies make a lot of money selling us drugs and healthcare.  There is way to remove ourselves from this cycle.


Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead

Joe Cross, once overweight and suffering from various health issues, goes on a 60 day juice cleanse and makes everything better.


Hungry for Change

Weight loss scams, food industry messes, from the same film makers as Foodmatters.



“Three meat and cheese loving New Yorkers agree to a vegan diet for six weeks.”  They visit a slaughterhouse, witness the crude conditions of large scale animal farming, etc.


Food Fight

Big bad agribusiness vs. our health.


The Beautiful Truth

“Controversial” Gerson Therapy for alternative treatment of cancer.  “The five biggest companies behind genetically engineered foods are not agricultural companies, they’re chemical companies.”  You wonder, you just wonder, if they’re more interested in human health, or… in making more money today than they did yesterday..



Assault on small family farms from Bureaucratic bad guys.   “Good food production should be aesthetically and aromatically and sensually romantic..”


Food, Inc

Michael Pollan (Omnivore’s Dilemma, Botany of Desire) and Eric Schlosser (Fast Food Nation) narrate this treatment of the unsustainability of big agribusiness and how we eat.   “The way we eat has changed more in the last 50 years than the previous 10,000 years.  And the imagery that’s used to sell what we eat is still the old agrarian America…It’s this spinning of a pastoral fantasy..”



“There’s no other culture in the world that spends less money on food and more on medicine….would you rather pay the doctor or pay the farmer??”  Focus on farm to table chefs/restaurants and farmer’s markets.


Fed Up!

Obesity, diabetes, and sugar.  “This is the first generation of children who are expected to have shorter lives than their parents.”  “These companies are in business to make money, not to keep America healthy.”  “The government is subsidizing the obesity epidemic in America.”  “Junk food companies are behaving very similarly to the tobacco companies of 30 years ago…they’re lying to you.”


In Defense of Food with Michael Pollan

Since 1975, type 2 diabetes has tripled.  Processed foods make up 60% of the average “western diet.”   We eat 1,000% more sugar than 200 years ago.  African Americans and Latinos are two times more likely suffer from type 2 diabetes and obesity.  That’s not because of genes, it’s because of the marketing directed at low income communities.

     - this is an issue of big companies producing poison and spending millions trying to figure out ways to get us, and particularly children (the future of their profits), addicted to it.

Nutritionism: the obsession with nutrients instead of food.  “We shouldn’t be talking about components of food, we should be talking about food.”

    - industry makes it arbitrarily complex/abstract so they can market “fat free,” “25% less sodium” as if such claims guarantee it’s healthiness

Jeff Leach, The Human Food Project: The Anthropology of Microbes.

“We make 200 decisions about food per day, mostly unconscious.”  “Appetite is more socially constructed than biologically constructed.”



Director Roko Belic (Ghengis Blues) interviews doctors, psychologists, a rickshaw runner, a cajun fisherman, and many others on how happiness is a matter of conscious involvement, and not a matter of outer determinism.  “Why the doctors say they can measure depression, but can’t measure happiness, I’m not sure.”